Blow + Beat

Mats Gustafsson, Alfred Vogel


VÖ am 30. April 2020

Compact Disc

Gustafsson’s long-standing trio The Thing performed in August 2016 at Bezau Beatz, Austrian drummer Alfred Vogel's annual festival, located at the resort town Bezau, at the western tip of the Austrian border. Gustafsson spent the weekend at this town and after a decent rest joined Vogel for a short session that yielded Blow+Beat.

"The 18-minutes “Clean my house” is a masterful free-improvisation. Gustafsson sings beautifully like a free bird, full of passion and emotion, soars high and sketches imaginary, poetic routes while Vogel colors this sonic journey with clever, inventive percussive touches, solid as the earth pulse. The following, brief four pieces sound like ironic, playful comments on the previous dynamics. These concise pieces adopt a nouveau-punk mentality, stick only to the essentials and throw all the rest." Eyal Hareuveni (salt and peanuts)


Mats Gustafsson


Alfred Vogel

drums + percussion


Recorded by Little Konzett & Alfred Vogelat Tonschmiede Bezau, August 15th 2016
Mixed by Alfred Vogel
Mastered by Little Konzett