How Noisy Are The Rooms?

Almut Kühne, Joke Lanz, Alfred Vogel


VÖ am 3. Mai 2021 im Vertrieb von Galileo Music Gmbh


HOW NOISY ARE THE ROOMS? represent an extremely provocative view of creative anarchy. Concentrated energy from three components that constantly run against each other puts the listener in the state of a pinball machine action:

Mercilessly tossed back and forth, never comes to a rest, always at all points at the same time: Noise meets Trip-Hop meets Jazz!
HOW NOISY ARE THE ROOMS? are Berlin based vocal maniac Almut Kühne who is a classically trained singer and piano player, Swiss turntable wizard Joke Lanz well known for his Sudden Infant Noise-Rock project and Austrian drum-magician Alfred Vogel who is the driving force behind profiled Bezau Beatz festival. These three extremists hit it off right away without compromise!

A soulful voice seemingly evoking distant cultures, a labyrinth full of epileptic sounds, and a vigorous ritualistic percussion, these are the ingredients of HNATR.
Sweet dreams are called chaos! A wonderful chaos in itself!


Almut Kühne


Joke Lanz


Alfred Vogel

drums & percussion


Recorded 3rd to 6th Feb 2020 by Alfred Vogel / Little Konzett
Mixed by Alfred Vogel, mastered by Little Konzett