Zur Schönen Aussicht


VÖ am 30. Juni 2023, im Vertrieb von Galileo Music Gmbh

Compact Disc

The meta-band ZSA aka Zur Schönen Aussicht makes postcontemporary JazzBeats. After 14 years of working-band existence, six self-organized week-long interdisciplinary festivals and over 150 concerts in Europe, the three visionaries are now sending their new album "NEU" straight from the future to Boomslang Records.

The ten works are a wormhole to new ways of conceiving "jazz" in the 21st century. Complex Carnatic rhythmic concepts are amalgamated with Black American improvisational artistry as well as a progressivist beats aesthetic in an enormously imaginative way to create something incomparable. ZSA's sensitive musicianship and ecstatic band energy combines rhythmic intellectuality with melodic harmonic emotionality.

Producer, composer and guitarist Jo Wespel aka Beatdenker produces an immersive and groundbreaking band sound with his kindred spirit bandmates Paul Berberich (saxophone) and Florian Lauer (drums). Unique and light-hearted, the acoustic instruments metamorphose into their new, multi-layered and plural qualities.

Multiperspectivity and inner logic form the musical substrate for new freedom materializations in "NEU". Self-created, determined, compositional structures are vehemently revolutionized by improvisational experimentation and sonic utopia in fearless interplay. It is ZSA's irrepressible joy of playing, their optimistic and pleasant concreteness, their future orientation, that transforms excessive demands and chaos into a new sound realism.

Never before have these three instruments sounded so fat and multidimensional, challenged so cheekily but elegantly to dance to the future, or sketched such a realutopian world.


Jo Wespel

Guitar & Production

Paul Berberich


Florian Lauer