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Compact Disc

Leipzig's MOTUSNEU transmits the trio's electricity through radically free atonal sequences, percussive elements and transparent registers.

But a much better description of their music than that afforded by musical terms is to see it at times as active observation, at times as the bare expression of a world in a state of upheaval. As a conscious confrontation with this world and as the simple attempt at a dialogue about the stories between artists and audience, of instrument and body, from person to person, without succumbing to the pressure to entertain.

The trio combines three different personal styles, in the process unleashing energetic music that is harsh and sustained, that depicts chaos without being chaotic itself.

“The individual is now no longer, as so often in the East, a criminal case nor, as in the West, a little worker who must sell himself and make enough money to stand out at all, but an appearance of light...
To address this requires not merely a theory but the discovery of a new language... All clichés and all slander must and can cease. This would be the language of those who suffer a common plight, the language of those who can address, poetically and musically and philosophically and morally and with wit, with amusement, with irony, with the great creative power of humour, though not the humour conveyed by the bursts of laughter of the petits bourgeois at the regulars' table but one that embraces a mysterious lightness within ourselves, that expresses an incomprehensible gladness that we actually can still laugh, although we have nothing to laugh about.”
(Ernst Bloch, at the Protestant Academy in Bad Boll, 1968)


Bruno Angeloni


Stephan Deller


Steffen Roth



Recorded May 13th 2022 by Tomasz Skulski
Mixed by Tomasz Skulski (Off the road studio, Leipzig)

Photography by Steffen Roth
Artwork by Julian Kramer