Wir blasen Euch den Marsch!!!



VÖ am 23. September 2017

Compact Disc

The Alpine musical cosmos is practically inhabited with extremists and specialists which often are already defined by the instruments. The here to be described and actually unable to be described case, brings the sound of tuba to our ears – this time not from the proverbial Huber but rather from a certain Johannes Bär. Thrown in, so to speak is the marching sound of Alfred Vogel’s drums as well as the sometimes phlegmatic and yet time and again the ambush like, from ADHS suffering saxophone by Andreas Broger – if, and when he is not suddenly playing the clarinet. OK, no more right now: it’s simply the Blechbaragge! Perhaps the world’s only trio with such an audacious line-up.

Never-the-less, the three musicians play whatever they want to and feel like. The reason why their first album is named: “We Play the March for You“, without including a single march. It’s not that anyone would miss it – after all, one is fully and enough occupied to compare this crude, virtuoso, humorous and almost totally to an excess played music, disregarding borders and genres with all that boring stuff which can be heard everywhere. And to top it, this Alfred Vogel stands up and declares: The best of the Blechbaragge is, „that all those guys are from my home environment“.


Joe Bär


Andreas Broger


Alfred Vogel