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Reza Askari ROAR feat. Christopher Dell


VÖ 1. März 2024, im Vertrieb von Galileo Music Gmbh

Compact Disc

"ROAR feat. Christopher Dell" is the logical extension of Reza Askari's trio. Saxophone, double bass and drums are joined by the vibraphone - quasi percussion, harmony and rhythm instrument in one and therefore the ideal complement. Dell not only brings vibrating metal plates and beating mallets into the existing trio, but also his own way of thinking and working: Structures are questioned, gutted, negated or reassembled. Within the buildings that "ROAR" creates and has built, windows open up. They unlock a view of new soundscapes. While Askari's compositions for the trio let off steam in their respective
frames, the quartet sometimes scrapes at the frame of the frame, scratches some varnish from the surface, leaves it and returns to it again.

When improvising together, the top premise is always the group. The three musical counterparts are always the linchpin on which their own playing is suspended and oriented. Communication that is based on trust, the joy of playing and ears as big as satellite dishes.

The extended instrumentation creates denser sound structures. The minimalism of "ROAR" gives way to a newly differentiated complexity and colorfulness. On the first album released in 2022 of the four people band, "rhythms, patterns, textures, ideas quickly pile up while Askari’s compositions provided the base for experimental improvisations.

On this second album in quartet format, the enlargement to include Dell has provoked an urging of the group to go along with completely free improvised music.

Change is the foil on which the four musicians draw their paintings. They are grounded in free space and focus. In this way, the potential of "ROAR" is exploited in a new together with Christopher Dell.


Stefan Karl Schmid

clarinet, tenor saxophone

Christopher Dell


Reza Askari

double bass

Fabian Arends



All Music by Schmid, Dell, Askari, Arends
Recorded at Fattoria Musica Osnabrück by Alexander Binder
Mixed by Alexander Binder and Reza Askari
Mastered by Markus Abendroth at Zodiaque Berlin
Produced by Reza Askari
Front cover by Make History Not Art
Design by Kristina Brauweiler

Supported by Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen