Frei Wild

Lucien Dubuis, Alfred Vogel


VÖ am 13. April 2013


In January 2013 Bond from Wroclaw Poland (eklektik session) introduced Lucien Dubuis and Alfred Vogel for a band project called HANG EM HIGH (
Lucien and Alfred soon realized a strong affection in their playing and took the chance to this recording after only knowing each other for a couple of weeks. On their way to Poland for a little tour with HANG EM HIGH, the two brothers in mind met a day before in the studio in Bezau and pushed the red button for a while.
It turned out to be high intense and very spiritual.

"Frei Wild" means free and wild in German language, but it is also the word for deer if you spell it as "Freiwild". it is natural, raw and wild music. No make up. Straight from the heart.


Lucien Dubuis


Alfred Vogel

drums and pots and pans


Recorded by Alfred Vogel April 13th 2013 at Tonschmiede Bezau

Mixed by Aaron Mason at the Hole, Australia
Mastered by Ivo Sedlacek at Savitamusic, Czech Rep.
Drawings by Alfred Vogel
Cover Design by Lucas Dietrich