il piccolo incidente

Peter Evans, Alfred Vogel


VÖ am 11. August 2014

Compact Disc

What would free, spontaneous and improvised music be like without those unexpected incidents, without the unforeseen and the unintentional, demanding immediate reaction and rethinking by the participants while at the same time is providing the preplanned togetherness with a certain spice and mystery.
The title of the immediately after the „Bezau Beatz“-Festival, 2014 recorded album by the American Peter Evans and the local Alfred Vogel derives from one of the participating instruments – the pocket trumpet – thus „Il Piccolo Incident“. But of course it wouldn’t be totally wrong if „Il Incident Piccolo“, could be read in bold letters on the cover.
To be involved without any agreement has of course its risks, but it can be very rewarding if the participants remain alert and trust each other. Sometimes an accident can turn into stroke of luck.

Duos for piccolo-trumpet and an extended drum set appear on paper at first sight as an aloof matter. How wonderful for us being taught differently by bands like
„Mostly Other People Do The Killing“, but also due to the new music and Baroque circles prominent Peter Evans and Alfred Vogel. The latter also percussionist and operator of the label Boomslang as well as founder of the Bezau Beatz Festival.

Their seven open and yet compact improvisations are of tense sounds which expose dynamic precision work, a matter of tension and release and a concentrated scanning but also releasing each other. Alfred Vogel is not only a master of rhythm components of music making. He also creates textures, sounds and structures of all kinds to which Peter Evans reacts with close-meshed playing of upward and descending motives, circulating figures, impassable lines whereby he makes use of the natural and light sound of the instrument, but he also knows how to implement the „extended techniques“, at times an infernal cackling as well as other forms of expression.

„Il Piccolo Incidente“, proves that some negatively occupied word can quickly be reversed into the contrary. It merely depends on the perspectives.


Peter Evans

pocket trumpet

Alfred Vogel



Recorded by Oli Rath at Tonschmiede, Bezau on August 11th 2014
Mixed and mastered by Oli Rath
Drawing by Alfred Vogel
Cover design by Lucas Dietrich