Liebe Grüsse vom Neusiedlersee ...



VÖ am 3. Juni 2022 im Vertrieb von Galileo Music Gmbh


„Each one has his own suitcase filled with his own toys resulting in an unbelievable wealth“, Alfred Vogel raptures. And to top it, all of this at home in the Bregenz Forrest! Where the incredible sounds of said tuba are reaching beyond a frequency which no bass, incidentally also substituted by the tuba, could ever produce. And whatever Johannes with his additional effect gadgets produces sounds almost like a band synthesizer”. It appears as if each member of the Blechbaragge does whatever he feels like. There are no stops or empty talks like: ‘no this is not fitting for us’ – anything goes and is tested. And all of this not in a secret and remote quiet chamber: The creative test lab stays wide open for every music lover. With its complicated rhythm, free improvisations and unexpected melodies. It is of course only barely suited as preparation for the live-experience with the Blechbaragge, „since we are certainly no musicians who time and again wind up the very same thing” explains Alfred Vogel. We are activating within an open space where not always a railing is available“.


Joe Bär


Andreas Broger


Alfred Vogel



Recorded Feb 2021 in Bezau, Tonschmiede
Mixed and mastered by Bird Freddy