Melted Into Air

Delusional Mind


VÖ am 27. Mai 2022 im Vertrieb von Galileo Music Gmbh


Yannis Anft, Leif Berger and David Helm are Delusional Mind, not merely as a formation on paper or in their functions as keyboardist/composer, drummer and bassist, but in every fiber of the nine organically grown instrumentals of MELTED INTO AIR. These are unconventional pieces in which they are completely absorbed as versatile musicians with a jazz background, which they undeniably are. Without flaunting their individual skills or making themselves comfortable in a pigeonhole for even one bar.

Delusional Mind have created their own space. Anft places compositions into this world like one plants seedlings into the earth - and Delusional Mind accompany the process of their development. Together with producer and drummer Jan Philipp, the tracks are refined without determining them. An approach that feeds the melancholic dialectic of the pieces, which describe a path whose beginning and end cannot be discerned.

What does illusion mean and what could reality mean?

Such questions illustrate Delusional Mind musically on MELTED INTO AIR. What does it sound like? The term ambient seems apt to categorize everything, at the latest when you get lost in the track "Monolog", but less as a fossil terminology of pop criticism, more as an echo of an attitude. One suspects that Yannis Anft appreciates the music of Jan Jelinek and might name Zen Buddhism as a source of inspiration - and is hardly surprised when one learns that Delusional Mind also play a track from Aphex Twins' "Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2" live at times. Music to marvel at.


Yannis Anft

synth + composition

Leif Berger


David Helm



Recording, mixing and production by Jan Philipp, Dec 8/9th 2020
Mastered by Stephan Vester
Artwork by Anna Muradyan