Moments of Surrender

Christopher Kunz, Simon Lucaciu


VÖ am 3. Novemer 2023, im Vertrieb von Galileo Music Gmbh

Compact Disc

Saxophonist Christopher Kunz and pianist Simon Lucaciu perform as an clearly well-established unit, with a distinctly mutual trust in each other. Such trust is indeed essential for a musical duo endeavor. In the 13 pieces, they embrace each other's ideas without hesitation and with utmost flexibility. Also, they are perfectly aware when and how to give each other enough space –this being an indicator of great mutual empathy and musical vision.

We witness an extremely captivating snapshot that urges the listener to follow the musicians' example and completely surrender to the magic of music in its mesmerizing entirety, fully in the sense of the title of the recording.

Upon fading of the very last tune, we resurface from this intricate musical universe well prepared to face again our reality. But this time provided with the recommendation to ever so often step back and unconditionally embrace the very moment.


Christopher Kunz


Simon Lucaciu