Mumble Jazz



VÖ am 27. Oktober 2023, im Vertrieb von Galileo Music Gmbh


MUMBLE JAZZ – A little story ‘bout life ...

  • Yo bro whats up heh?
  • Ayo bro, life is hard u know, tryna keep it together but I’m really strugglin‘ u know what I’m sayin?
  • Yo come on man, there is no reason to be ́like dat man, cuz Breeezy just dropped again, this one will blow you’re mind
    Aaah yes thats right, Breeezy released a new album. „Breeezy Mumble Jazz“ feat. Asger Nissen on alto sax, Tobias Fröhlich on bass and Jan-Einar Groh on drums. After listening to that, he knew he would be back in da game.
  • You got the music wit u? U know I don’t listen to this modern streaming shit, just real CD’s and Vinyls know what I’m sayin? Gotta keep it real and original over here.
  • Of course bro, they released it on Vinyl and on all the streaming plattforms. These dudes ain’t no amateurs. Boomslang Records, fresh label, fresh design, thats all u gotta know man.
  • Yo man turn it on, I’m hyped for this!!!
  • Get ready for some heat
  • Damn look at the design man, it’s killin‘

He puts the vinyl on the turntable and presses play. A noise, it‘s getting louder and louder, sounds like the subway, then there is an announcement: „Next stop, Rochusplatz...“. The horns come in with the fanfare.

  • Wow it sounds just like Biggie or Alchemist but in combination with Ornette Coleman and Eric Dolphy, epic!!!
  • Yeah dude!

And from this moment on all the struggles were gone, they sat down, smoked one and drank one and had a really good time...


Victor Károly Fox aka Circular Breeezy


Asger Nissen

alto sax

Tobias Fröhlich


Jan Einer-Groh