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An exploding microverse: the freely improvising trio RGR creates intense moments of fragile beauty. No compositions, no agreements, but a shared musical understanding. The three musicians playfully combine different influences and sound worlds: Rustling, stroking, plucking, whispering, hissing or singing. From quiet sounds and broken beats, the trio develops filigree melodies that draw their irrepressible power from spontaneous emergence.

Saxophonist Inga Rothammel, pianist Jan Lukas Roßmüller and drummer Jakob Görris belong to a young Cologne jazz generation that moves between experimental sonority and disarming simplicity. Octopetala is the name of their debut album, which will be released in March 2024 on Boomslang Records. It takes its name from the polar rose. The band has been awarded by Loft Cologne and was able to record their first album as part of the Recording Project in October 2022.

Inga Rothammel is a Cologne-based saxophonist and composer active in the music scene in Germany and the Netherlands.
After studying music therapy in the Netherlands, she wanted to deepen her relationship with music and subsequently studied at the ArtEZ Conservatory.
She experiments with recorded nature sounds and sees the sounds around her as her ensemble. She is also looking for new ways to connect with the audience and started 1 to 1 concerts in 2020 with the collective "Sound Shape Collective".
Interdisciplinary collaborations are a big part of her artistic development, for example in 2019 she worked with 3D painter Jean-Marc Navello at the World Street Painting Festival or performed in the dance theater performance "verschwindenes./,irgendwo" by the theater company tatraum in 2021. With her trio "Ingen Navn Trio" she plays her own compositions interwoven and integrated with meditative, deep sounding, flowing, but also energetically moving improvisations. The trio has played at the "So whats next Festival" in Eindhoven (2020), "Festival Jazz International Nijmegen" (2021), among others. The trio is also a prize winner of the Werner Richard - Dr. Carl Dörken Foundation Jazz Competition (2021).

Jan Lukas Roßmüller began classical piano lessons in elementary school before becoming interested in jazz and improvisational music as a teenager. He first studied jazz piano with Pablo Held at the Osnabrück Institute of Music, later switching to the Cologne University of Music and Dance with lessons from Hubert Nuss and Sebastian Gramss, among others. He then completed his jazz piano master's degree at the Hochschule für Musik Weimar with Achim Kaufmann, focusing on free improvisation. He has worked in various bands in the fields of modern jazz and improvised music, most recently also exploring electronics and analog synthesizers.
Current projects include the electronic duo Book of R (debut album 2021 on Unit Records) and the piano trio Erdung (debut album released 2023).

Jan Lukas was part of the support program of the Yehudi Menuhin Live Musik Now e.V. and was awarded for example at the Osnabrück Study Up Award and the Domicil Dortmund Support Award.
Jakob Görris found his passion for drums at a very young age. It quickly became clear to Jakob that he wanted to take the professional path with music.
Since 2019 he has been studying jazz drums at the University of Music and Dance in Cologne. He is taking lessons with Professor Michael Küttner and Professor Jonas Burgwinkel.
Jakob has already won several first prizes and a soloist prize at his young age.
He is currently involved in various projects ranging from improvised music to composed pieces, some of which he writes himself.


Inga Rothammel


Jan Lukas Roßmüller

piano, synth

Jakob Görris