Luisa Muhr


VÖ 22. März 2024 im Vertrieb von Galileo Music. CD erhältlich unter oder

Compact Disc

Austrian, New York-based interdisciplinary artist and vocalist, Luisa Muhr, presents her solo debut album, TEUFLIN/SHE-DEVIL. It is a structured improvised music project based on a handmade 12-page graphic score. The score allows each player to focus on improvising with positive and negative spaces in each image, variation of angles by rotating score pages, pointillism through the shadow textures of each image, long tones through the outline of individual cutouts on each image, the density of the cutouts, and/or the player’s volume according to the size of individual cutouts of each image.

The project challenges the concept of “evil” through a womxn's perspective while questioning the separation of “good” and “evil”, specifically as found in Western traditions. Muhr incorporates the original German texts from Goethe’s Faust, all centering the “spirit that denies”: Mephistopheles (or: Mephistophela).

In an all womxn-trio, Muhr is joined by two other international masterful improvisers, Emily Suzanne Shapiro (CA/UK), and Adriana Camacho (MX) on bass clarinet and bass, respectively.

Recorded in one take and preserved as such, this album offers a listening journey that invites the listener into a sonic landscape that not only explores a broad range of vocal and instrumental sounds but also imagery and architecture, expanding far beyond the limitations of genre.


Luisa Muhr

concept, graphic score/composition, voice

Emily Shapiro

bass clarinet

Adriana Camacho

bass and effects


Texts from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s “Faust”
Recorded in Rome (Italy) at Villa Colombo, 2023.
Mixed and mastered by Shrenik Ganatra.
Produced by Luisa Muhr.
Boomslang Records, March 2024.
Design by Shrenik Ganatra.