Ulysses: Zerwirbelt + Verwoben



VÖ am10. Mai 2022


„Suite for Drums, Poetry and Cinetic Metal - Zerwirbelt & Verwoben“:
philosophische, percussive Assoziationen zu Ulysses von James Joyce

Poet Norbert Mayer digs into the book of Ulysses by James Joyce which he takes for some deep philosophical perspectives about modern society and contemporary events, accompanied by the drumming of Alfred Vogel and kinetic percussion. Most of the text is in German, Austrian dialect and a few English words ... but listen to it as a Saxophon vs. Drums Duo and you might get it too in one or the other way ...

Drums were recorded in one long take along Norbert´s words and cinetic metal percussion was added in a post productional process ... so it is a very subconscious flow of Alfred Vogels drumming in which he acts and reacts spontaneous with the lyrics.


Norbert Mayer

words + vocals

Alfred Vogel

drums + cinetic metal + backing vocals


Recorded and produced by Alfred Vogel
Feb 2022, Boomslang Records